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The first driving spectacles with TÜV certificate

Many circumstances when motorists feel uncertain have to do with vision problems: dazzle, darkness, poor weather conditions, confusing or unclear spatial situations. That's why Rodenstock developed spectacles that also enable you to drive calmly and with reassurance in these situations. Good vision, safe journey – as confirmed by the TÜV.

Driving spectacles: optimal for frequent drivers and for mobile use in everyday life.

Whether you are a business traveller, commuter or holiday driver; individuals who spend a great deal of time on the road with the car are familiar with the challenges that the eyes have to overcome: changing lighting conditions, dazzle by headlights, reflecting lanes, etc. With driving spectacles your travel is more relaxed and safer.

Change spectacles? No need.

Because Rodenstock Road lenses are not "only" designed for driving. Properties such as optimal spatial vision and fatigue-free vision, despite difficult lighting conditions, can also be enjoyed after exiting the car. Simply use your new driving spectacles as an ideal pair of spectacles for the entire day.

Most definitely a good choice: Rodenstock Road driving spectacles.

Safe driving and confidence are inextricably linked to good vision – this applies all the more to spectacle wearers behind the wheel. Rodenstock driving spectacles are made especially for your special needs. Discover the benefits of innovative technologies such as DNEye® eye measurement, the special Solitaire® 2 coating, and more now:

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